Saliva diagnosis

Rapidly ageing societies in developed countries demand innovative solutions for future health care systems. The increase in the number of people aged 70 allow of  a growing need  for detection and efficient treatment of age-related diseases, especially chronic.

These demographic changes threaten to place an increasing burden on our health care systems with new approaches in molecular diagnostics.

Saliva diagnostics is an emerging field of molecular diagnostics that can offer major advantages over traditional blood or tissue-based approaches. Saliva contains a broad range of diagnostically relevant classes of molecules, such as methylated DNA, miRNA and antibodies. Measuring and quantifying these biomolecules in saliva it is possible to detect and diagnose diseases et early stage. Collecting saliva samples is easy, absolutely painless and non-invasive. Saliva  is a diagnostic medium and also a screening for  local diseases in mouth, for systemic diseases and also for chronic and age-related diseases.

Our interdisciplinary team of molecular biologists, bio informatics, chemists, physicists and electrical engineers adopts a systemic approach to saliva diagnostics, delivering solutions that perfectly meet our customers’ application needs.

We provide the following research services to our partners and customers:

  • Identification and validation of salivary biomarkers for  screening applications and  other applications
  • Design for salivary sampling , including preanalytical and analytical procedures
  • Analysis  of data, and project, design and realization of customized  biosensor prototypes for saliva diagnostic solutions based on optical, magnetic or electrochemical detection principles and development of portable molecular diagnostics  for “real time” diagnostic.
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