Probiotic and special milk

Milk of camel and yak has unique nutritional properties that came from special environmental production and are a viable and therapeutic substitute for cow milk.

Camel milk is similar to human milk in total fats, total solids, and monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids content

Camel and yak milks can be used for optimal infant, adult, and elderly nutrition. These milks are with saturated fats and are rich of functional bioactive substances (essential amino acids, specialized casein and peptides lactalbumins and immunoglobulins, nucleosides, nucleotides, unsaturated and conjugated linoleic acids, sphingomyelins, fat soluble vitamins and minerals) and can be recognized like global healthy food.

We highlight that these milks are fermented milk. Yak’ milk is produced on high ground where thin air lowers oxygen levels in milk a special microbic flora.

Special behavior of these milks on tooth surface as protector from caries is due to their composition and the influence on specific bacteria.

Our research switch on studies of acidic dissolution of the enamel of these milks versus cow and others milks.